Professional Formation Center- ASHP

offers various professional and training courses in different fields, for any profession and age. In the end of each course or training, you will be provided a certificate recognized by the Ministry for Social Welfare and Youth.

We offer training courses in the following fields:

  1. Commerce (Finance 5, ALPHA Accountability, Finance 5 + Accountability in practice, E-Commerce Trading).
  2. Low (Human rights, Legal-Penal Protection of the Environment, Organization and Functioning of the EU Institutions, Administrative Appeal, etc.).
  3. International Relations (International Relations and National Security, International Relations and Diplomacy, etc.)
  4. Public Administration (Public Administration, Leadership, etc.).
  5. Human Resource Management (Modern Human Resource Management, etc.).
  6. Languages (English, Italian, German, French, Turkish, Arabic, etc.)
  7. Education (multimedia learning in teaching Physics (3 modules = 5.5 credits), new methods of teaching mathematics that are based on Information Technology and Communication (1 module = 2 credits), Education in Cultural Heritage (1 module = 1 credit)
  8. Hotel management and Tourism (waiter, bartender, chef, receptionist, etc.)
  9. Construction (Building Techniques, Decorative works (painting, gypsum), etc.)
  10. Polytechnic (Electrician, Electro, Plumbing, Tech Computer, Network Administration, Web Design, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, Autodesk Map etc.)
  11. Agriculture
  12. Environmental
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