Any business, individual, entity, company or organization, through cooperation with the National Agency of Employment can benefit highly qualified employees according to their requirements.

The mediation process with private entities passes from the following stages:

  • Signing a mediation contract between the company and ASHP to provide job seekers trained from ASHP or the request done by the company requesting ASHP to train its job seekers according to the requested position and profession, analyzation of human resource assets according to the trainee’s registered data who have completed courses and are certified by ASHP.
  • In cases where we do not have suitable recruit for the vacant position required by the company, we develop our policies of finding and training recruits according to the specific requirements of the company.
  • Selection, according to company standards and requirements.
  • Recommendation from ASHP for the appropriate pretender (qualified) for the position requested by the company.

All these are done with unmatched professionalism and seriousness, during our journey through merit and competitiveness, together we will go forward!