How to become part of ASHP?

ASHP (Albanian Employment Agency L.L.C) is established and registered on 10.02.2012 in the National Registration Centre in Albania (NRC) no. TIN L21410066G, and licensed by the National Licensing Centre (NLC) dated 07.03.2012 with license no. LN-4652-02-2012.

In order to benefit from training and courses offered by ASHP, also from employment and mediation offers offered by ASHP, you need to follow these basic steps:

  1. Must be registered at ASHP’s trainings or courses that take place in our center.
  2. Registration is made at the ASHP offices in the center and districts.
  3. For registration, you must have with you a photo and your ID, your passport photocopy or the identity card.
  4. After passing from the registration procedure in the course or training is considered registered in ASHP database as a jobseeker inside the country and abroad.
  5. After passing the first phase of training or course and being certificated from ASHP and being categorized from the profession that he wants, he he\she must pass from the second phase consisting of the signing a job contract in Albania or abroad, after negotiations with various companies to realize the possibility of employment in the company.
  6. Only the CV online application cannot be regarded as a finalized process of registration at ASHP as jobseekers within or outside the country.

Categories where you can register as jobseekers in the country:

Economics: Purse-Bearer, economist, financier, head of finance, director of finance, etc.

Architecture: Architect, Construction specialist, civil engineer, supervisor etc.

Marketing: Marketing agent, marketing manager, marketers, promotion etc.

Hotels – Tourism: Waiter, bartender, cook, chef, receptionist etc.

Education: Teacher of foreign languages, computer programs specialist, etc.

Engineering: Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, etc.

Health: Doctor, nurse, etc.

Management: Marketing manager, field manager, enterprises manager, etc.

Telemarketing: Call Center, etc.


Categories where you can register as jobseekers abroad are:

Construction: Engineer, Architect, Construction Technician, Supervisor, masonry, house painter, Reinforcing iron worker, helper, etc.

Agriculture: Agronomist, farmer, farming, collector worker, etc.

Tourism: Waiter, bartender, chef, receptionist, hostess, Manager, etc.

Health: Doctors, nurses, etc.

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