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ASHP has only one motto: Merit & Competition

ASHP- Albanian Employment Agency

Interferes in the labor market both domestically and abroad for the jobseekers who have completed a training and professional formation at ASHP.

ASHP is licensed both as a Professional Training and Center Employment Agency. ASHP- Albanian Employment Agency has its center in Tirana Albania, Kosovo Pristina and in the city of Troisdorf Germany.

All the jobseekers who are trained and certified by ASHP are part of the research engine to make possible their employment from companies that ASHP has an agreement or settling agreements according to their requirements, by offering trained certificated jobseekers for the required profession.

ASHP – Albanian Employment Agency possesses a considerable number of well-trained jobseekers in different professions in its database, which may be put in the disposal of companies that have or have cooperation agreements, in accordance with the all laws. The employees are well-trained in professional courses offered by our agency, enabling businesses and companies, qualified employees who fulfill their criteria.

For any information you are pleased to write to us in the following e-mail: info@ashp.al

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