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The Albanian Employment Agency – AEA – was established
on 10/02/2012, VAT No. L21410066G

Employed in Albania and abroad.
Completed successfully professional courses.
Trainings pertaining credits for Education employees.
9 Years of experience in training & employment.



The Albanian Employment Agency – AEA – was established on 10/02/2012, VAT No. L21410066G

Activity of AEA: AEA activity involves mediation in job market in Albania and abroad, and professional training.

Our purpose: Our purpose aims in providing to businesses and companies well qualified & ethical employees.

In 2012, AEA was licensed by LN- 4652-02-2012 as mediation agency in job market. Also during 2012, AEA was licensed by LN-4652-02-2012 as Professional Training Centre.

During 2016, our package of professional training was widen on Construction, Culinary Arts, Hairdresser & Aesthetics and Agriculture by ruling No. 11467 dated 22/12/2016.

As an Albanian Employment Agency, during these 9 years of our activity, we have provided a job to a considerable number of candidates, through our mediation, employing them in companies in Albania and abroad, with the motto Competition on the Merits.

In Germany, we have mediated assuring job contracts for over 250 eligible candidates. AEA has been committed in locating & assuring employment contract possibilities, as a requisite for the candidates to obtain an employment visa and get hired from foreign companies.

Professional Training segment pertains of tests offered to practising professionals, who are looking for testing their knowledge. AEA creates access to testing at these professionals by offering AEA`s highly qualified staff. In these merit, the person who is already experienced on a profession, declares her/himself as so, and may register for testing his know-how. In case, she/he fails the first time, she/he gets the possibility 2 more times to enter the test. If she/he does not pass even after the 3rd time, the later cannot be certified, but she/he gets the possibility to follow-up a professional course at our centre.

As AEA, 1600 individuals have been tested and certified. On Education segment, we have trained teachers of elementary & high school by one to two weeks training. 3800 teachers were tested and certified from AEA in Albania up-to-date.

AEA training centre offers monthly, 3-months, 6-months and 9-months training. 1600 individuals certified from AEA up-to-date.

AEA staff commitment has made possible that many Albanian and foreign companies may trust us. These customers have addressed their employees to get tested and trained at AEA, driving them to most qualified staff companies today.

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