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About Us

About us

ASHP has only one motto: Merit & Competition

ASHP- Albanian Employment Agency

Interferes in the labor market both domestically and abroad for the jobseekers who have completed a training and professional formation at ASHP.

ASHP is licensed both as a Professional Training and Center Employment Agency. ASHP- Albanian Employment Agency has its center in Tirana Albania, Kosovo Pristina and in the city of Troisdorf Germany.

All the jobseekers who are trained and certified by ASHP are part of the research engine to make possible their employment from companies that ASHP has an agreement or settling agreements according to their

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why us !

Achieving a successful society, by selecting successful venture, formed qualitative individuals, professional and ethical.


For all those who seek services, ASHP offers the following services: Executive Services , Advocacy Services , Economic Services for all small and large (Closing Balance, Accounting Sustaining, Representation in relations with the NLC,Read More

Professional Formation

offers various professional and training courses in different fields, for any profession and age. In the end of each course or training, you will be provided a Read More


Any business, individual, entity, company or organization, through cooperation with the National Agency of Employment can benefit highly qualified employees according to their requirements.Read More

Job Seeker

How to become part of ASHP? ASHP (Albanian Employment Agency L.L.C) is established and registered on 10.02.2012 in the National Registration Centre in Albania (NRC) no. Read More




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Street Kavaja-4, Nr 80, near the crossroad (“December 21”),
Opposite the polyclinic (Health Center) No. 9.
Tirana, Albania
Cel Plus: +355 665701663
Cel Vod: +355 697320892
E-mail: info@ashp.al
Web: www.ashp.al

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